MEMBERSHIP – Due 01/01/2022

 Membership form – HERE


  1. All persons driving karts on the EBOP Kart Track must be correctly attired in the appropriate safety gear i.e; helmet, race suit, gloves, covered footwear, preferably a neck brace and long hair to be contained
  2. Any persons using the track must be accompanied by someone capable of assisting in an emergency
  3. People who are NOT club members that wish to use the track MUST sign an indemnity form before driving on the track
  4. NO reverse direction (anti-clockwise) driving permitted on track
  5. NO alcohol to be consumed in the pits or surrounding areas
  6. NO kart engines to be started before 8.30am on race days
  7. Practice days, any days 10am-6pm
  8. Practice with your age/class only i.e; NO cadets with KT100’s, NO juniors or JR’s with seniors
  9. Non club members practicing MUST PAY $15 per person for the use of the track
  10. NO vehicles to be driven on the track or grid areas.
  11. When practicing unlock both pit gates
  12. NO oiling of chains or re-fueling of karts on grid or track
  13. NO dragging of karts on their bumpers on track surface
  14. Prior to new drivers being permitted to use the track: Kart must be scrutinised by a Kartsport NZ machine examiner or steward. Must hold a current Kartsport NZ licence. A novice rated driver must be accompanied by a senior club member who has at a minimum C rated license or a machine examiner or steward.
  15. All persons must abide by all Kartsport NZ and club rules and regulations
  16. PLEASE ring a key holder prior to wanting the key for practicing